La Chabraque
Sever de Castanet
12240 Rieupeyroux.
Phone : +33 (0)565 699197.
Fax : +33 (0)565 699687.

Description of Program :

A professional residential training center which accepts for a three year period young people who have experienced difficulties at school. During the first two years they learn the trade of stable lad. In the second year the practical work time is longer and the students are placed with professional riders who generally form part of the French Team. When they have obtained the CAP as a groom, they are trained for an extra year to become an equestrian groom. They are trained by international riders, and take a heavy goods vehicle license ; they will also be able to do first aid on horses. They are then placed by our means with riders who are looking for capable professionals. Some young people, continue their studies to become a children's monitor for ponies, a riding instructor, or other trades such as farrier or horse dentist. We place the young people trained in our center throughout the world and we have exchanges with numerous federations and clubs in France and abroad. We would also organize exchanges between families during the summer holidays. Young foreign riders come to visit us in July and our pupils leave with these same riders in August to their respective countries.

Classroom/Hands On Equine Classes :
For the first year, two weeks are practical time followed by two weeks of classroom work ; for the second year the practical work is longer (3 months to a month). Two hours every day are given to horse-riding ; there are also hippology lessons, caring for horses and general matters.
Accreditation :
Minister of Agriculture.

Degrees Offered :
Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP)

Majors Offered : Groom.

Tuition Costs :
Completely covered by the state.

Type of School : Specialty School.

Facilities :
Exchanges with riders of different countries, accommodation within host families. At present exchanges with Belgium, Greece, Tunisia, Bermuda and Italy.

Showing :
We organize equestrian competitions for our young riders. La Chabraque is the country headquarters of Aveyron Equestrian Committee.